Giving voice to history through digital experiences

Arkivox is a new company, established to advance the field of digital humanities. We are looking to digitize and make available in curated collections material culture from underrepresented cultures. As part of our mission, we aim to explore the deep, historical connections from developing regions and the broader world through tracing where objects were collected, how they are displayed, and who brought them into their new contexts. We hope to illuminate hidden connections between places and peoples and how they shape current cultural viewpoints.

Currently we are working on “Mapping Philippine Material Culture”, an ambitious website that brings together Philippine objects in public institutions around the world in a visual, scholarly database. Our hope is that this project provides a rich field for academics, students, and curious aficionados and novitiates alike to study and contribute to the material diaspora that started some 500 years ago.

Selected examples of our capabilities

Preview image for Mapping Philippine Culture

Mapping Philippine Culture

Preview image for World War 1

World War I

Preview image for Terms of War

Terms of War

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